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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Finally a normal day this week!

This has been  a week that is hard to beat.  Monday I woke up with a fever and migraine, I currently have Mono :(, so I did not go to classes.  I thought I had a Dr. apt to remove stitches in my leg from having moles removed.  I got there and they had told me the apt was Mon, 10 days after I got the stiches, and found out they schedualed it for Wed.  The got me in but 2hrs later.

Monday night I finally was able to go to bed at 1230pm when Kurt got home from work.  At around 130am I rolled over in bed and hit my leg with heel and busted it open.  After a call to the nurse line I had 8hr to get to a Dr.  Now we live in a very rural area leaving the ER the only option.  I got there and after getting all the blood cleaned up I had a dime sized hole in my leg....... I leg with 3 more stitches and 330am.  This led to me missing my Tuesday morning lab that started at 830am with an hour drive there.  I went for the 1030 lecture very tired, did I mention I have Mono and am suppose to be taking it easy.  I got done with class at 330pm and had to pick up Blaine from the babysitter and her 6yr old son.  She watches Blaine for the few hrs a day Kurt is at work and I am at school and I watch her son a few nights a week while she works.  2 kids and a lot of homework till 930pm I got to go home and deal with a crabby baby once again till Kurt got home from work 1230am.

Wednesday morning at 530am  Kurt wakes me up by falling over onto the bed from pain in his side.  ER here we come again.  This time I got Blaine into his snowsuit, diaper bag packed, me dressed, than Kurt dressed.  Yup, both of us were there within 26hrs.  I don't remember the last time one of us had to go to the ER before this.  A CT scan and 4hrs later we leave the hospital with Kurt having 5 kidney stones, one at 3mm.  Sigh... I miss my morning class yet again.  It started at 830.  I went to my afternoon class till 330pm than picked up Blaine and went home.  I took care of Blaine half asleep and tried to get some homework done.  I know I was still awake at 1030pm but when Kurt got home I was pased out in the recliner and Blaine passed out in his swing.

530 am this morning came way to early but I got to go to all my classes today... YEAH I guess. I was in class till 230pm than went over to the babysitters to take care of Blaine and CJ and will be here until 1030pm.

..............Please let the baby sleep in tomorrow.................

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