Our little guy enjoying his Fisher-Price Swing to Highchair

Monday, December 3, 2012

Merry Fluffy Christmas giveaway

Merry Fluffy Christmas giveway

Monday, December 19, 2011

Life with my littles is hosting a Birthday blessings bash

Life with my littles is hosting a Birthday blessings bash 1/5-2/3.

Giveaways include
A Bumgenius Freetime AIO from Modern Cloth.
A Thirsties Duo diaper from Thirsties.
A Babee Greens organic cotton fitted diaper from Babee Greens.
A Grovia AIO from Baby Belle Bottoms (or a GC for $22.95 towards your purchase at Baby Belle Bottoms)!
A $10 GC to Cloth Diapers Inc. (review of the one size Fuzzi Bunz elite).
A Nifty Nappy fitted diaper from Red Barn Cloth Diapers.
An Applecheeks little bundle in solid or print (US and Canada) from Applecheeks.
A bag of Rockin Green Soap, from Rockin Green.
A caramel baltic amber teething necklace from Petite Bottoms.
A $50 GC from Sloomb (world-wide).
A $50 GC from Hearthsong (US only).
My Memories digital software giveaway.
A Baby K'tan baby carrier.
A Bento box set from Laptop Lunches.
A $15 GC to Twin City Diaper Company.
A baby gift set from Hugo Naturals (diaper cream with vitamin E, Oh-so-soft lotion, shampoo and baby wash).
A Babykicks organic fitted diaper from Babykicks.
A $10.00 GC to Fluffy Rumps.
A Happy Heinys one size pocket diaper from Nature Bumz.

One More Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy late Thanksgiving to all!

We had a full weekend of spending time with family.  We went down to my parents and stayed with them for the weekend.  Well we were there we also got to see my aunt, cousins son, and a bunch of friends.  Lots of fun and we loved sharing the joy of our little guy with everyone.

So, Thanksgiving.....

I have so much to be thankful for this year.  I have a wonderful husband and family, Kurt is back to work, I am almost done with school, and most of all against alot of odds our little guy is sleeping in his swing right not.  As I have mentioned before It took us over 2yrs to became pregnant with Blaine.  We started trying in 2008 and after 9mths we did become pregnant shortly after our wedding, but lose the baby before 12 weeks. We continued to try for around another 9mths and decided to move forward with fertility testing. Much of our family did not understand that we could not conceive and we received many condescending remarks, but more on that a different da). Kurt was tested and everything came out fine. I had lots of blood work done alone with a procedure to see if the fallopian tubes were blocked or not. Everything with me also checked out good and the thought was that I was having anovulatory cycles, with this info we started oral clomid.  Our first cycle of clomid did not work and I never did ovulate.  Our second cycle I had a positive home test before our lab work even came back.  I was pregnant again and this time things felt different, a good different.

Now if your have ever lost a baby in early pregnancy you know that even though you are elated about this little life. your innocence of pregnancy is gone.  Instead of going out and buying something for the baby, you go out and buy more pregnancy tests to take just to make sure and well you keep taking them for weeks.  You feel relieved of the moments you have morning sickness instead of thinking it sucks (you may still think this but you are relieved you do).  Everyone is telling you to relax and enjoy it. You smile, take a deep breath, and say you will try.  All while you are waiting for the next symptom of pregnancy to happen.  The biggest thing people don't seem to get about a previous early loss is some couples choice to wait on telling everyone.  We had so many people mad because we waited for almost 3mths to tell anyone but my best friend and my sister in law.
                                           My nephew told first my parents and than the world.

At my first prenatal appointment at 12wks it was decided that additional testing was needed on me because of a extensive family history of MTHFR (2 out of 20 tested so far do NOT have it).  At the time all we knew about it is it was something to do with blood clotting.  At around 14weeks my test results came back around positive along with a phone call I needed to stop at the pharmacy and go to the clinic to be taught to give myself the blood thinners that day.  I was soon to find out that for the rest of my pregnancy and six weeks after I would be giving myself 1 to 2 shots in the stomach a day.  I was also now considered high risk and would need to see a maternal fetal medicine specialist every 6 weeks.

After some research I was put on the blood thinners because not only could I developed a blood cloth in my lungs, legs or brain but a clot could develop in the placenta and decrease blood flow to the baby.  The this is part of why I am so thankful by baby is here.  We made it through 14 weeks before we knew I needed to be on the meds and I was still pregnant.  Later I also found out the the development of the placenta is the riskiest time for the clots, this happens early in pregnancy which I was not on the meds.

To be continued another day.........................................

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cloth Diapers

Our little guy has a fluffy bum :)

On our baby shower invitations there was a note that read, "Diapers are not needed as the parents are choosing to use cloth diapers on Blaine."  As you can imagine this lead to a few questions and comments.  The bigest ones we got were WHY? and you are crazy.  Well they may have been right on the crazy part but we explained that cloth diapers are not the same as there were years ago.  Most of our family and friends still did not believe that we would go through with it and keep doing it.

Here we are Blaine is 5 1/2 months old and I love his fluffy bum.  I even have Kurt converted for the most part, as long as there are stuffed diapers in the basket next to the changing table ready.  Even my mom who at one point said that she would go buy disposable diapers to use at her house because we were not using the cloth there will change Blaine into a cloth over a disposable.  She even lets me use her washer to clean them on a long weekend visiting.

As for everyone that thought we would not keep using cloth all I can say is ha ha we showed you.  I have made it though screaming reflux baby, being at school 36hrs a week, Kurt being put on 2nd shift leaving me to do homework and take care of Blaine at night, and both Kurt and I having MONO...... We are still using cloth.

Now I have to be honest we did use cloth for a month or so after Blaine was born.  He was only 5lbs and I knew I was going to use one sized diapers which would have been to big.  Our little guy was in preemie diapers for almost 3mths.  Our next baby, who will probably also be tiny will be in cloth from the start.  See, I have learned a lot about cloth in the past few month.  Before Blaine the idea of prefolds or fitteddiapers and a cover scared the crap out of me, now it sound so simple.  Would I give up my FuzziBunz pockets, not a chance, but we will deffently use another option for the time our next one is to small for our one size diapers.

Speaking of diapers.... better finish my diaper laundry so we have fluff for Blaine in the morning.  This week was so hard to get anything done.  The house is a mess but Blaine will have clean diapers:)

Why can't the baby just go to sleep.

I swear I have a kid that needs less sleep than me and I only get 6hrs a night if lucky.  He will not nap for more than 30min and tonight we have been trying to get him to sleep for the last 3 hrs.  He will fall asleep, you out him down and he starts screaming.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Finally a normal day this week!

This has been  a week that is hard to beat.  Monday I woke up with a fever and migraine, I currently have Mono :(, so I did not go to classes.  I thought I had a Dr. apt to remove stitches in my leg from having moles removed.  I got there and they had told me the apt was Mon, 10 days after I got the stiches, and found out they schedualed it for Wed.  The got me in but 2hrs later.

Monday night I finally was able to go to bed at 1230pm when Kurt got home from work.  At around 130am I rolled over in bed and hit my leg with heel and busted it open.  After a call to the nurse line I had 8hr to get to a Dr.  Now we live in a very rural area leaving the ER the only option.  I got there and after getting all the blood cleaned up I had a dime sized hole in my leg....... I leg with 3 more stitches and 330am.  This led to me missing my Tuesday morning lab that started at 830am with an hour drive there.  I went for the 1030 lecture very tired, did I mention I have Mono and am suppose to be taking it easy.  I got done with class at 330pm and had to pick up Blaine from the babysitter and her 6yr old son.  She watches Blaine for the few hrs a day Kurt is at work and I am at school and I watch her son a few nights a week while she works.  2 kids and a lot of homework till 930pm I got to go home and deal with a crabby baby once again till Kurt got home from work 1230am.

Wednesday morning at 530am  Kurt wakes me up by falling over onto the bed from pain in his side.  ER here we come again.  This time I got Blaine into his snowsuit, diaper bag packed, me dressed, than Kurt dressed.  Yup, both of us were there within 26hrs.  I don't remember the last time one of us had to go to the ER before this.  A CT scan and 4hrs later we leave the hospital with Kurt having 5 kidney stones, one at 3mm.  Sigh... I miss my morning class yet again.  It started at 830.  I went to my afternoon class till 330pm than picked up Blaine and went home.  I took care of Blaine half asleep and tried to get some homework done.  I know I was still awake at 1030pm but when Kurt got home I was pased out in the recliner and Blaine passed out in his swing.

530 am this morning came way to early but I got to go to all my classes today... YEAH I guess. I was in class till 230pm than went over to the babysitters to take care of Blaine and CJ and will be here until 1030pm.

..............Please let the baby sleep in tomorrow.................


I am sitting here babysitting a 6yr old while the baby sleeps and decided to start a blog about our lives.  

My name is Kim. I am a 27yr old mother, wife, and students.  I am in school full time to get a degree as a Medical Lab Tech. I will be done in June. YEAH!!!!!!.  My husbands name is Kurt and his is a painter at a shipyard.  We have been married since Oct 3, 2008. 

Now to the important guy, our little one, Blaine.  Blaine joined our family on June 7, 2011 at 5lbs 1oz and 18inches.  I arrived after 2yrs of trying, 2 rounds of clomid.  Blaine is a severe reflux baby and also has a dairy allergy that he is finally starting to out grow.  Oh how mommy misses her milk and can not wait till he out grown the allergy.  After reflux meds and the discovery of the milk allergy we got the projectile vomiting he weighed in at 11lbs 12oz and 24 1/4 inches long as of 11/3/11.  Blaine is a happy cloth diapered baby, homemade babyfood feed, nursed (with supplementing) baby.