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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cloth Diapers

Our little guy has a fluffy bum :)

On our baby shower invitations there was a note that read, "Diapers are not needed as the parents are choosing to use cloth diapers on Blaine."  As you can imagine this lead to a few questions and comments.  The bigest ones we got were WHY? and you are crazy.  Well they may have been right on the crazy part but we explained that cloth diapers are not the same as there were years ago.  Most of our family and friends still did not believe that we would go through with it and keep doing it.

Here we are Blaine is 5 1/2 months old and I love his fluffy bum.  I even have Kurt converted for the most part, as long as there are stuffed diapers in the basket next to the changing table ready.  Even my mom who at one point said that she would go buy disposable diapers to use at her house because we were not using the cloth there will change Blaine into a cloth over a disposable.  She even lets me use her washer to clean them on a long weekend visiting.

As for everyone that thought we would not keep using cloth all I can say is ha ha we showed you.  I have made it though screaming reflux baby, being at school 36hrs a week, Kurt being put on 2nd shift leaving me to do homework and take care of Blaine at night, and both Kurt and I having MONO...... We are still using cloth.

Now I have to be honest we did use cloth for a month or so after Blaine was born.  He was only 5lbs and I knew I was going to use one sized diapers which would have been to big.  Our little guy was in preemie diapers for almost 3mths.  Our next baby, who will probably also be tiny will be in cloth from the start.  See, I have learned a lot about cloth in the past few month.  Before Blaine the idea of prefolds or fitteddiapers and a cover scared the crap out of me, now it sound so simple.  Would I give up my FuzziBunz pockets, not a chance, but we will deffently use another option for the time our next one is to small for our one size diapers.

Speaking of diapers.... better finish my diaper laundry so we have fluff for Blaine in the morning.  This week was so hard to get anything done.  The house is a mess but Blaine will have clean diapers:)

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